Jazz singer Norma Winstone sits on her bed at her home in Kent.

Enjoying fame with a new audience after drake samples a norma winstone track

Acclaimed jazz vocalist Norma Winstone welcomed me into her beautiful seaside home in Deal, Kent, for a recent photoshoot as part of my ongoing At Home series. As a London Portrait Photographer who loves capturing real moments, being with Norma felt like a musical journey in itself.

Norma's place isn't just a beachside gem; it's a cosy haven filled with warmth and hospitality. We spent an hour chatting about music and life while I snapped away, with the balcony overlooking the beach providing the perfect backdrop.

Norma's career has been pretty amazing. From her early days at Ronnie Scott's club in London to winning awards and collaborating with big names like Jimmy Rowles and Tony Coe, she's left her mark on the jazz world.

Norma Winstone sitting at her kitchen table, looking out the window.

One standout moment during our shoot was when Norma told me about her music reaching a whole new audience after Drake sampled one of her tracks. It's incredible how music can connect generations!

For me, these At Home sessions are more than just photo shoots—they're chances to connect with fascinating people like Norma and capture their true selves. Unlike the hustle of wedding gigs, these shoots give me space to really get to know my subjects and try out different ideas.

Norma's session reminded me why I love documentary photography so much. It's all about telling stories through pictures, and Norma's story is definitely one worth sharing. I can't wait to keep exploring and capturing more inspiring tales in the homes of extraordinary people.

Jazz singer Norma Winstone on her porch with the sea behind her, in Deal, Kent.

Photographer Gary Williams


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