Pianist Ian Gomes relaxing on a silver sofa at his home.

Two images chosen for the NCOA Gallery's annual exhibition

I'm thrilled to share some fantastic news with you all! Two of my photographs have been selected for the NCOA Gallery's annual exhibition in the United States. The exhibition, titled "Aging Well for All—Celebrating Our Colors and Diversity," is organised by the National Council on Aging (NCOA). This American organisation is dedicated to ensuring that all older adults, regardless of race, sexuality or ethnicity, have access to the resources they need to age with health and financial security. I love what they do. The tag line is wonderful: Because aging well for all is a matter of equity. A matter of dignity. And a matter of justice.

Both of these photographs are part of my "At Home" series, where I capture interesting people in the privacy of their own homes. The two images chosen for this exhibition are of Susan Daniel, a super talented opera singer and international rose judge, and Ian Gomes, a busy pianist who once played for Frank Sinatra. Both Susan and Ian are shining examples of individuals who continue to be highly successful and productive as they age.

Opera singer Susan Daniel poses next to an ornate harp in her music room.

It's about Aging well

I'm incredibly proud that these photographs will be part of a project that promotes the positive aspects of getting older. The NCOA's photo contest aims to showcase the wide diversity among older adults aged 60 and over in the US, celebrating their unique family cultures, community engagement, and their personal experiences of aging well.

This recognition means a lot to me, not just as a photographer but as someone who deeply values the stories and lives of the people I photograph. It's an honour to have my work included in an exhibition that highlights such an important and uplifting message.

Thank you for all your support, and I can't wait to share more about this journey with you!

Photographer Gary Williams


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