Designer Nicky Haslam sitting on a cream chair looking sideways at the camera while lit by soft lamp light

The charm, warmth and wit of Nicky Haslam.

Nicky Haslam is known as Britain’s ultimate interior designer, writer, socialite, artist, cabaret singer and literary editor. He features on both Vanity Fair and GQ’s best-dressed lists. His clients have included Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart and Bryan Ferry. He’s delightful company, happily sharing stories of some of the people he’s met - which is pretty much everyone from Elvis and Sinatra to JFK and Cole Porter. 

I had the great pleasure of photographing him at his home in Gloucestershire for my series “At home”. He was welcoming, unpretentious and utterly charming. He’s used to having his picture taken, including by one of my photography heroes Diane Arbus. “I had someone else taking my picture the other day,” he told me. When I asked what for, the answer came “The National Portrait Gallery”. No pressure then.

During this photoshoot, I was reminded of the value of authenticity and connection in portraiture. Beyond the mechanics of capturing an image, it's about encapsulating narratives, preserving emotions, and immortalising fleeting moments. 

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