Cabaret singer and musician Eric Yves Garcia at his desk in glasses and a robe with books behind him and lamps in front

Eric Yves Garcia: A Glimpse into Harlem's Musical Legacy

Nestled in the heart of Harlem, New York, Eric Yves Garcia's apartment holds more than just the everyday tales of urban life. Just down the road from his doorstep once stood the original Cotton Club and Savoy Ballroom, where legends like Duke Ellington and Fats Waller used to play, and where the Lindy Hop was born. It's a fitting abode for a man whose life is steeped in music and a deep love for the city's rich heritage.

Eric, a renowned cabaret performer, has graced stages all across the United States, Paris, and London. His captivating performances have echoed through diverse corners of the world, making his living space in Harlem even more intriguing.

During a recent photoshoot, we had the opportunity to capture a memorable moment in Eric's daily life. Most days find him seated by his window, diligently working on his novel, sketching, and tending to the less sentimental but equally essential tasks, like handling emails, phone calls, and bills, an integral part of every freelancer's life.

Photograph of Eric Yves Garcia looking out the window by Gary Williams

In a bustling city that can sometimes feel overwhelming, Eric's comfort zone is this very apartment. It's a place surrounded by the beautiful artifacts he's collected during his travels – a reminder of who he was and who he might become. This unique blend of personal history and artistic expression sets the stage for an engaging portrait session.

As a London Portrait Photographer with a background in portraiture and street photography, I thrive on the challenge of capturing a person's essence in a single frame. My innate curiosity drives me to uncover the real stories behind each individual, delving beyond their public facade.

The "At Home" series, like the one with Eric Yves Garcia, is a cherished opportunity for me. It grants access to the homes of people I greatly admire and respect. I am profoundly grateful for their trust in allowing me into their private spaces, where I aim to not only photograph them but also provide a genuine insight into what makes them tick.

Unlike the bustling and often hectic atmosphere of wedding photography, these photo sessions afford me the luxury of time. This time is dedicated to getting to know my subjects better, experimenting with different locations and ideas, and ultimately capturing the essence of their lives in their most personal spaces.

Eric Yves Garcia's Harlem residence tells a story of music, history, and personal growth, encapsulated within the four walls of a New York apartment. It's a unique environment that not only brings joy to Eric but also serves as a canvas for me to explore and create lasting memories through my lens. This is the essence of my work as a documentary wedding photographer – to capture the genuine emotions and lasting memories of individuals like Eric, building connections that resonate through each photograph.

Gary Williams Documentary Photographer


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