Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE at his home in London's Holland Park.

A much loved Impresario at Home in London's Holland Park

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE at his home near London's Holland Park. This area, known for its beautiful gardens and vibrant arts scene, provided a fitting backdrop for a man synonymous with music, television and entertainment.

Jonathan's career in the creative industries is nothing short of remarkable. You have certainly heard or seen some of the work he has produced. A a leader and innovator he was awarded an OBE in 2014 and an Honorary Professorship in 2012 by Henley Business School and Reading University. His clients, who have won or been nominated for BRITS, MOBOs, Emmys, Grammys, and Olivier Awards, showcase his influence. In the past year alone Jonathan's clients have broadcast over 5000 hours of television, sold millions in branded products, and over a million CDs. Jonathan has represented music stars who have sold over 50 million CDs and built an impressive urban music roster with 15 MOBO Awards.

He lives with his wife in a large apartment overlooking the park. I especially loved the refurbished elevator with its charming original features. He wears a signet ring with the family crest and a beautiful Patek Phillipe watch. When his grandmother passed she bequeathed him some money on the specification that he spent it all on one thing. He chose the watch as a way to keep her memory close.

On a personal note, I first knew of Jonathan in 1994 for his work on an album celebrating Gershwin's music with harmonica player Larry Adler. That album inspired me as a singer in the early part of my career just as he Jonathan continues to inspire young creators today.

Jonathan Shalit OBE in an elevator in his Holland Park apartment.

at home - a long-term book project

This At Home series gives me access to the homes of people I admire and respect. I am deeply grateful for their trust in letting me into their private spaces to photograph them and capture a real insight into what makes them tick.

Unlike shooting weddings which can be quite hectic, these photo shoots usually give me time to get to know my subject and experiment with different locations and ideas. My background is in portraiture and street photography and I love trying to capture a person’s essence in a photograph. I am a curious person by nature and always want to know the real story, what a person is really like behind their public facade.

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