Kim Criswell in a black dress standing in a hall surrounded by musical theatre posters


In the heart of Bloomsbury, London, there's a home steeped in history and artistic charm belonging to none other than Kim Criswell, a luminary of the musical theatre world.

Kim Criswell's residence, dating back to the early 1700s, exudes character and elegance, mirroring her own illustrious career. As one of the world's leading musical actresses, Kim has graced stages from Broadway to London's West End, and concert halls across the globe. Her voice has resonated in iconic venues such as La Scala in Milan, the Royal Albert Hall, and Carnegie (Weill) Recital Hall in New York, leaving audiences spellbound with each performance.

Critically acclaimed for her portrayal of "Annie Oakley" in Annie Get Your Gun at London’s Prince of Wales Theatre, Kim's Broadway credits are equally impressive, including starring roles in productions like the 3 Penny Opera alongside Sting and the original cast of the Tony-winning Nine. Stepping into Kim's home, you're greeted by a hallway adorned with posters and memorabilia, a testament to her remarkable journey through the world of theatre.

Kim Criswell in her London home sitting in a chair with her black cat in her lap

During our photoshoot, one memorable moment stood out - the arrival of Lana, Kim's beloved cat. Initially keeping her distance, Lana eventually warmed up to the presence of the camera, joining Kim for a fleeting cuddle in the comfort of an armchair.

As a London Portrait Photographer with a background in portraiture and street photography, capturing the essence of individuals is my passion. The At Home series allows me a glimpse into the lives of remarkable personalities like Kim, offering a unique opportunity to delve beyond the public facade and uncover the true essence of my subjects.

Unlike the hustle and bustle of wedding photography, these shoots afford me the luxury of time, enabling me to forge genuine connections and explore various creative styles. I am deeply grateful for the trust given to me by people like Kim, who open their doors and hearts, allowing me to capture their stories through my lens.

In every portrait, whether among the grandeur of Bloomsbury or the bustling streets of London, my aim is the same - to capture not just an image, but a moment of authenticity, a glimpse into the essence of my subject. Through environmental portraits like these, I strive to create lasting memories that resonate with emotion and authenticity, celebrating the unique stories that make each individual truly remarkable.

Photographer Gary Williams


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