the wonderful world of kitch hair

Meet Scott, Luca and Dan at London's famous salon Kitch Hair. Crafted by the ingenious minds of Luca Jones and Scott Humphreys, Kitch stands as a delightful 1950s pastel-themed kitchen-inspired salon nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Angel, Islington.

They take pride in being anything but a conventional barbershop that excludes women and members of the LGBT community. Nor do they conform to the stereotype of a dull, lifeless salon. Instead, they wholeheartedly embrace diversity, and fervently champion and honor the uniqueness of every individual.

In this photo-set you'll meet Scott, Luca and their dog Gaston along with Dan, with the fabulous long hair. As you can see, there's a good vibe at Kitch!

London based photographer Gary Williams

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