Millionnaire Hoarder Pat Lyttle sits on his sofa surrounded by his vintage clothing collection

London stylist Pat Lyttle started collecting vintage fashion in 2000 after a friend agreed to model for him. “She was a very tiny lady so I had to go out and buy some clothes for her” he tells me. Now he lives surrounded by a collection of 1000s of jaw-dropping vintage pieces. They span the decades and represent designers from across the globe but what they have in common is beauty. Pat loves beauty and has an eye for it. 

“What motivates me is seeing a woman’s smile because she knows that when she wears these clothes she’s going to light up a room or change the world.”

Pat was recently featured on Channel 4’s ‘Millionaire Hoarders’ but he considers himself neither a millionaire nor a hoarder. He’s a collector albeit one who’s short on space. 

He finds himself drawn to Japan where he plans to relocate and continue his work as a collector and stylist. Eventually, he intends to bequeath his remarkable archive to the Kyoto Costume Institute. 

“These clothes are works of art and for a woman to wear this art is what gives me the most pleasure.”

Stylist Pat Lyttle in a blue shirt sits on a sofa in front of a rail of clothes
Stylist Pat Lyttle in a blue shirt shows one of his vintage dresses
Vintage shoes
Vintage shoes with a red love heart
Stylist Pat Lyttle shows a vintage handbag made from a fox head
Stylist Pat Lyttle holds a vintage flapper hangbag

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