Newlywed Filipino bride and British groom having petals thrown on them at the Old Marylebone Town Hall


Here are my thoughts on "why I love a particular wedding photo" from my perspective as a London-based documentary wedding photographer.

As a passionate candid wedding photographer, I love capturing real, spontaneous moments as they happen throughout the day. I always aim to be carefully observant so that I'm ready to capture those unique "moments" as they come.

This was a wonderful wedding in the heart of London at The Old Marylebone Town Hall for Cecile and Roger.

If I had to choose a single word to describe this wedding, it would be fun. Cecile and Roger have an amazing family and group of friends and there was laughter from the moment I got there till the end of the day. 

As you can see below, I have included some of the other photos from this wedding, which are beautiful, for sure, but the reason I love this particular photo is that it captures such the joy and feel of the day in a single image. It was a bit chaotic. No one was quite sure whether the confetti would be happening or not, as it was dark outside, and there wasn’t a lot of light on the steps. I had done a quick shoot with the couple inside (it’s a gorgeous building and a great place to get married), and I didn’t want to keep the guests waiting for long. I love the smiles on Cecile and Roger’s faces. Since it was dark, I had to use my flash, and actually, I love that old-school direct flash look. It’s a bit like a paparazzi shot of a couple of stars leaving a restaurant, which is nice as Cecile and Roger were the stars of their day! 

I also think it’s a good example of documentary wedding photography, and that's why I love it. Technically it’s not the best picture in the world. There is a lady in the back who’s not involved in the scene, it’s not what you’d call beautiful or fine art, but it is fun, real, and natural and captures the mood and feeling of the day. You couldn’t set something like that up and for me, it’s much more meaningful than the obligatory family group shots. There’s a place for those, for sure, but for me, these kinds of candid moments are the most precious.

Wedding Photos that take you back

I often describe such photos as those I can almost "smell." They take you back to the very moment, allowing you to sense the room's atmosphere and feel the energy that filled it. For me, this is what defines a great wedding photograph – the ability to evoke the laughter, the love, and the unique ambiance of that singular moment. As my couples flip through their wedding album in the coming years, it’s these kinds of photographs that will undoubtedly bring back memories of their wedding day and the genuine moments that made it truly special.

If you're planning a wedding filled with moments like these, I'd love to discuss how we can capture the essence of your day with the unique moments that will make it special for you. Let's connect and explore the possibilities of documenting your unique love story.

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