Neil Brand at home and seated at his desk with books and other office items around him in front of a window

Neil Brand: A GLIMPSE INTO THE Life of scholar and entertainer.

In the heart of South London, nestled within the warmth of family life, lies the home of Neil Brand – a multifaceted individual whose accomplishments are as diverse as the passions that fill his household.

Neil, an English dramatist, composer, and esteemed author, has graced the stages of silent film accompaniment for nearly four decades. His melodic journey has taken him across London, from the grandeur of the Barbican to the cinematic halls of the BFI National Film Theatres. His musical prowess extends beyond borders, resonating in film festivals worldwide, from Australia to Scandinavia.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Neil's creative repertoire includes acting and playwriting for the BBC, with his insightful book, "Dramatic Notes," delving into the art of composing narrative music across various mediums. Recognized with the prestigious BASCA Gold Badge Award, Neil Brand is a familiar voice on BBC Radio 4, offering expert commentary on the intricacies of film music.

Neil Brand's bookshelf full of books, papers, and model trains

Capturing Neil in the intimate setting of his family home was a delightful revelation. While I was well-acquainted with his contributions to the BBC Four programme, "Sound of Song," discovering his affinity for steam locomotives added a charming layer to the shoot – a subtle clue nestled within the frames. Right now Neil is on tour in the UK celebrating the movies of the great Laurel and Hardy so look out for a performance in a theatre near you.

My background is in portraiture and street photography. I love trying to capture a person’s essence in a photograph. I am a curious person by nature and always want to know the real story, what a person is really like behind their public facade.

This At Home series gives me access to the homes of people I admire and respect. I am deeply grateful for their trust in letting me into their private spaces to photograph them and capture a real insight into what makes them tick.

Unlike shooting weddings, which can be quite hectic, these photo shoots usually give me time to get to know my subject and experiment with different locations and ideas. 

Photographer Gary Williams


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