Musical Theatre reviewer, Lisa Maitland, sitting on a swing in Berkhamsted.

a life long passion for musical theatre

Journalist and musical theatre lover Lisa Martland lives in the historical town of Berkhamsted. She shares her home with her husband Brian, daughter Eve (who's about to graduate) and son John. John is autistic, hence the soft toys and timetable on the wall. The routine helps John to feel grounded and secure and is part of his eventual transition from full time education to an independent life.

Lisa's career is pretty impressive. She's been at The Stage for ages, for a time as Deputy Editor, and then she started Musical Theatre Review, a top theatre website. Plus, she's the Sub-Editor for Musicals Magazine and enjoys freelance work for other publications.

Musical Theatre review purple notebook and magazine.

This At Home series is special to me because it lets me peek into the lives of people I admire. I am always humbled by their trust in me to capture their real selves in their own space. Unlike the craziness of weddings, these photoshoots are laid-back. We get to chat, try different spots, and really connect. Lisa's story reminds me why I love taking photos—because they freeze moments and memories, showing the real beauty of everyday life.

Profile of Lisa Martland in her home in Berkhamsted.
Music Theatre Reviewer Lisa Martland sitting on a swing in Berkhamsted.

Photographer Gary Williams


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