Musician Eric Yves Garcia, sitting at his desk in his Harlem home.

Photo Place Gallery in Vermont Exhibits Portrait of Eric Yves Garcia

I am delighted to announce that one of the images from my At Home project has been included in an exhibition organised by the Photo Place Gallery in Vermont.

The image is of New York pianist and cabaret singer Eric Yves Garcia relaxing at home in Harlem. I always loved it and I'm glad to see that it resonates with others too.

I took the image below on the same say, following Eric into Manhattan where he was playing that evening. We stopped off at a diner for quick bite.

Musician Eric Yves Garcia at a Manhattan Restaurant.

at home - a long-term book project

This At Home series gives me access to the homes of people I admire and respect. I am deeply grateful for their trust in letting me into their private spaces to photograph them and capture a real insight into what makes them tick.

Unlike shooting weddings which can be quite hectic, these photo shoots usually give me time to get to know my subject and experiment with different locations and ideas. My background is in portraiture and street photography and I love trying to capture a person’s essence in a photograph. I am a curious person by nature and always want to know the real story, what a person is really like behind their public facade.

London photographer Gary Williams


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