Cabaret singer KT Sullivan at home in a feathered hat and boa seated on a red couch lit by pink lamp light

KT Sullivan: A New York Cabaret Legend

In the heart of Manhattan, New York, I recently had the privilege of photographing the captivating KT Sullivan for my At Home series. As a London Portrait Photographer, I find immense joy in capturing the unique details that make each subject's home truly stand out.

KT's apartment, nestled conveniently close to Broadway and the music rooms she adores, is a vibrant tapestry of her personality. During our shoot, she shared childhood memories of dressing up, a sentiment that still resonates in the playful ambiance she's curated. The rich colours, curated by her talented sister Stacey, reflect a keen eye for design.

A New York cabaret legend, KT Sullivan's career is adorned with accolades. A regular performer at The Algonquin Hotel, she serenades audiences every Tuesday with her enchanting voice and piano skills. Notably, she has graced The Pheasantry in London annually and embarked on two China tours with the esteemed Manhattan Symphonie.

The photoshoot revealed a trove of musical treasures and memorabilia, attesting to KT's illustrious career. One standout piece is a captivating still life by Bart Howard, the genius behind "Fly Me To The Moon." This painting, one of only two Howard ever created, now graces KT's home.

As a documentary wedding photographer, my roots lie in portraiture and street photography. I relish the challenge of capturing a person's essence and revealing the stories behind their public facade. The At Home series is a testament to the trust placed in me by individuals like KT, who graciously open their private spaces, allowing me to capture a genuine insight into their lives.

Unlike the hustle of wedding shoots, these sessions afford me the luxury of time—to understand my subjects, experiment with different locations, and truly craft images that resonate. It's a journey of discovery, an opportunity to peel back the layers and showcase the authentic narratives that define each remarkable individual.

In the realm of environmental portraits, where homes become canvases and stories unfold, I continue to be inspired by the people I meet and the genuine connections we forge through the lens.

Photographer Gary Williams


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