Islington mayor Gary Heather seated at home in his mayoral robe and hat

Gary Heather: A Glimpse into the Islington Mayor's Home

In the heart of Islington, London, lies a terraced house that holds not only the warmth of a family home but also the history of a man dedicated to serving his community. Gary Heather, the current Mayor of Islington, graciously opened his doors to us for a photoshoot as part of my At Home series, where I delve into the lives of remarkable individuals in their own environments.

Gary's connection to Islington runs deep; he's called this terraced house his home for most of his life. But it's not just his residency that makes his home unique. As the mayor of Islington, Gary plays a pivotal role in the community. He's nominated Voluntary Action Islington, a local charity, as his chosen cause during his tenure. This organisation serves as the bedrock for the voluntary and community sector, reflecting Gary's commitment to making a real difference in the lives of Islington residents.

Having resided in Islington since 1975, Gary has not only witnessed but actively contributed to the community's growth and transformation. He's a friend of prominent political figures like Jeremy Corbyn and the late Tony Benn, reflecting his steadfast support for the Labour Party.

Islington mayor Gary Heather seated at home in his mayoral robe and hat talking on the phone

My photoshoot with Gary was a memorable experience. Gary's welcoming and friendly nature instantly put everyone at ease. He possesses a lively intelligence that shines through, making every conversation with him engaging. As a photographer with a background in portraiture and street photography, my passion lies in capturing the essence of a person in a photograph. I'm naturally curious and always seek to uncover the real story behind the public facade.

The At Home series allows me to gain access to the homes of people I admire and respect. I'm profoundly grateful for their trust in allowing me into their private spaces, enabling me to capture a genuine insight into what makes them tick.

Unlike the rush of wedding photography, these photoshoots offer a unique opportunity to connect with my subjects on a personal level. I have the time to get to know them, experiment with different locations and ideas, and ultimately craft portraits that reveal the true character of my subjects.

In the home of Gary Heather, I discovered not just the residence of a mayor, but the heart of a man dedicated to his community. Through these environmental portraits, I've aimed to capture the essence of his commitment, warmth, and the genuine passion he brings to his role. It's a privilege to share his story and have it be a part of the At Home series, where we celebrate the diversity and depth of the remarkable individuals who call London home.

London based photographer Gary Williams


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