Photo of Rose Fulbright in studio by Gary Williams

Rose Fulbright: An accomplished Creative

In the heart of Muswell Hill, London, I recently had the privilege of photographing Rose Fulbright, a wonderful artist and designer whose creative journey has woven through the vibrant tapestry of global experiences.

Rose's list of accomplishments is impressive, with accolades such as being named "The Girl Born to Design" by British Vogue and securing the title of "Beijing Outstanding Fashion Designer of the Year" in 2018. Her artistic vision draws inspiration from the vivid hues of North Wales, where memories of the clear pastels of Portmeirion mingle with the grounding tones of earth, sand, sea, and foliage.

Photo of Rose Fulbright's shoes and works in studio by Gary Williams

During our photoshoot, I found myself immersed in Rose's world, blending my passion for portraiture and street photography to capture her at work. This At Home series, a project close to my heart, grants me access to the private spaces of those I admire, providing a genuine glimpse into what makes them tick.

Unlike the fast-paced nature of wedding photography, these sessions offer a unique opportunity to delve deeper, fostering a connection with my subjects. It's in these moments that I can truly understand and appreciate the intricacies of their lives, creating a visual narrative that goes beyond the surface.

In our conversation, I uncovered a particularly fascinating aspect of Rose's background—a profound heritage in the arts. The legacy of Portmeirion Pottery, founded by her grandmother Susan Williams-Ellis, and the iconic Portmeirion Village, crafted by her great-grandfather Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, resonates deeply in Rose's creative journey.

Being a London portrait photographer, these sessions are more than just capturing images; they're about building connections and preserving authentic moments. Each click of the shutter is an invitation to explore the individuality and stories that define us. Through environmental portraits, I strive to encapsulate the genuine emotions that shape lasting memories—a testament to the rich tapestry of life.

Photographer Gary Williams


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