Opera singer Susan Daniel

the remarkable susan daniel.

Introducing the first subject of my "At Home" series, Susan Daniel, a luminary of the operatic realm, whose voice has graced the grandest Opera Houses across Europe, including the renowned Teatro alla Scala. Her illustrious journey includes collaborations with luminaries such as Sir Simon Rattle and Placido Domingo, while also becoming a subject for Hockney's brush.

While opera remains her forte, Susan Daniel's talent transcends as she lends her voice to chamber music and recitals throughout Europe. An intriguing twist in her tale was her own television show in Japan, where her singing reached audiences in their native tongue.

She has been honored by the prestigious Robert Harkness and Company when they named a rose after her. Notably, she marked this distinction with an album, "La Vie en Rose," rendered in seven languages. Susan Daniel, becoming the first to receive this honor since Maria Callas in 1969, undoubtedly stands as a testament to timeless artistry.

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