A bride and groom run candidly through Hertford Registry office.

beautiful wedding photos for people who don't like to pose

What a treat! Hertford Registry office is one of those special places that actually looks great for photos! It's a lovely spot to get married, mainly because just around the corner from the actual ceremony room we have use of a stunning colonnade which, as a documentary photographer, I love!

A groom kisses his bride outside Hertford Registry Office.

check out that black wedding dress!

This was Stacey and Richie's special day and they did it totally in their style. I genuinely loved their vibe and as you can see, Stacey is rocking her black wedding dress. Wedding days can often come with stresses of trying to please everyone and stick to tradition, but you know what? It's YOUR day, so do YOU!

A bride with purple hair and a long black dress sits outside Hertford Registry Office.
Maid of honour and flower girl at the Hertford Registry Office.
Bride and groom captured outside the Hertford Registry Office.

Wedding Photographer Gary Williams


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