Candid moment between the bride and her guests at Wasing Park.

candid wedding photography at the iconic wasing park

There are some venues that are just perfect for a romantic wedding, and Wasing Park has to be near the top of the list. This beautiful setting was the stage for Martha and Ben's wedding and provided the backdrop for some stunning wedding photography.

I like to shoot weddings 90% candid and 10% hands-on. As you can see from these photos, I spend most of my time looking for natural, candid moments which I think really capture the real essence of the day. But I also know that we need to set up a few group shots (for grandma's wall) and the couple also want some nice shots... but without the fuss. That's my bag.

We had a bit of weather which isn't unusual but I always tell my couples to just go with it. We will always get nice photos. The most important thing is that they don't stress and just enjoy the day, whatever happens.

Bride's friend steams her dress before her ceremony, Wasing Park.
Candid shot of the bride's wedding dress, Wasing Park.
Newlywed couple on the grounds of Wasing Park Wedding Venue.

"Gary was professional, charming and polite throughout, making us feel at ease despite us not being comfortable in front of the camera."

—Martha and Ben

Wedding Photographer Gary Williams


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