Michael Gelardi smokes a cigar, relaxing on a sofa

He's worked with everyone from Sammy Davis Junior to Andy Williams, Take That and Jools Holland.

In leafy Weybridge, amidst the tranquillity of suburban life, lies the expansive family home of Michael Gelardi—a haven steeped in history and memories. It's within these walls that Michael and his remarkable successful siblings forged their identities during their formative years, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of their lives and everyone else's.

Michael journey through the annals of entertainment is as illustrious as it is diverse. From his humble beginnings as a musician to his establishment of an international music and entertainment consultancy, Michael's career spans over five decades of groundbreaking achievements. With a portfolio boasting a myriad of productions, including corporate events, concerts, cabaret shows, and festivals, his prowess extends to collaborations with a plethora of iconic international artistes, from the likes of Sammy Davis Jr. and Bob Hope to Mica Paris and Take That. He is also currently Managing Director of Boisdale Entertainment regularly working with rhythm and blues star Jools Holland.

During our photoshoot Michael seamlessly navigated calls with renowned artistes, underscoring his unwavering passion for show business—a testament to his enduring love for "the business".

Michael Gelardi wearing a dressing gown on his porch with a cigar and his dog.

As a London portrait photographer with a passion for environmental portraits, my aim is to capture the essence of my subjects within the confines of a single frame. The At Home series provides a unique opportunity to peel back the layers of public persona and delve into the intricacies of individuality. It's a privilege to be granted access to the private sanctuaries of those whom I admire, allowing me to capture their essence and preserve it for posterity.

During our encounter, Michael told me that in 1970, his band, Misty, rehearsed within the confines of his home, culminating in the recording of an album that lay dormant until its recent rediscovery. The album's resurgence garnered critical acclaim, serving as a testament to Michael's enduring passion for music and his indelible mark on the industry.

He's as happy, affable and jolly as he is successful and it was a great pleasure to spend some time in Michael's company. 

"Gary Williams is a photographer 'par excellence'. Not only very friendly and reassuring to his subjects in his sessions, but captures the moment beautifully and in an extremely professional manner. Would highly recommend his services."

—Michael Gelardi

Michael Gelardi sitting at a table smoking a cigar at his home in Weybridge.

Photographer Gary Williams


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