Bride of a London wedding getting cooled off by a guest with a portable fan on the dance floor

Love, faith, and all-around good vibes

Let me take you on a journey to a wedding day that was filled with love, faith, and all-around good vibes. Yesterday I was photographing Lisa and Martyn's special day at The Bridge Church in the heart of Woodford, East London. Trust me, it was an affair to remember!

From the get-go, the weather played nice, blessing us with endless sunshine - the perfect backdrop for a joyous occasion. Lisa and Martyn, guided by their deep Christian faith, chose to tie the knot at their cherished church. Their commitment was beautifully marked by a heartwarming dedication to their son, Kayden, right after the ceremony. Talk about a celebration of love and family all rolled into one!


The day kicked off with the hustle and bustle of preparations at Lisa's home, a scene brimming with excitement and anticipation. As we transitioned to the church, the air was charged with an undeniable sense of love and support. It's truly remarkable how Lisa and Martyn's journey from recovery has led them to this point, with the church being a pillar of strength in their transformation.

And let me tell you, being the photographer on this rollercoaster of emotions was an absolute privilege. The room was practically overflowing with genuine love and pure joy for Lisa, Martyn, and their entire family. I captured moments that radiated positivity, energy, and that warm feeling you get when witnessing love in its purest form.

Sure, the day was long, and the hustle was real, but being surrounded by such an incredible atmosphere made every click of the camera an absolute pleasure. Lisa and Martyn's story isn't just another cliché; it's a testament to the power of love, faith, and the unwavering support of a community.

So, if you're a couple ready to embark on a new chapter, remember that photography isn't just about snapping pictures. It's about telling stories, capturing real emotions, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Being part of Lisa and Martyn's journey was a humbling experience, and I can't wait to bring the same passion, energy, and genuine excitement to your special moments. Until then, keep those smiles ready and those memories close.

London based photographer Gary Williams

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