Dachshund and Spaniel puppies - the dream photoshoot.

Hey there, fellow dog lovers and busy bees! I've got some pawsitively amazing news to share with you all. Recently, I had the pawleasure (sorry, I won’t do that again) of capturing something truly special: Puppy Yoga and Puppy Therapy classes at Angel Central in Islington. 

We all know the magic that spending time with our furry friends can bring – it's like an instant mood lifter! But let's face it, our busy lives don't always leave room for a four-legged companion. That's where the genius of Puppy Yoga and Puppy Therapy comes in. Imagine this: 20 minutes of serene yoga followed by quality time with the cutest puppies around.

Now, I've had my fair share of photoshoots, but this one was by far the cutest. That said, Spaniel puppies are like lightning bolts, I tell you – keeping up with their energy was a challenge, but my camera is poised and ready for round two when the French Bulldog puppies make their appearance. Any excuse for a reshoot! 

So whether I'm capturing your furry besties, creating romantic portraits for couples, or helping professionals ace their headshots for LinkedIn, know that my lens is focused on preserving genuine emotions and crafting memories that'll last a lifetime. Get in touch and let's capture some magic together! 

London based photographer Gary Williams

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