Men In Black live stage performance

Photographing live performances

As a performer myself, I’ve always been interested in photographing the stage. I can be pretty challenging but so rewarding. Firstly, the ever-changing lighting conditions demand quick adjustments to capture fleeting moments. The fast-paced action and unpredictable movements require anticipation and impeccable timing. You can see in these images from We Will Rock You how different the lighting was for each scene. 

We Will Rock You live stage performance

Then there is the issue of limited access, distance from the stage, and potential obstructions can hinder capturing the desired shots. You have the get great shots without getting in anyone’s way or annoying anyone with your constant click, click, clicking. 

However, when done right, stage performance photography is incredibly rewarding. It freezes ephemeral moments, conveying the energy, emotion, and skill of the performers. It preserves the magic of live performances, allowing audiences and the performers to relive or experience the event again. Capturing the essence of a captivating stage production brings a sense of accomplishment and the joy of sharing extraordinary moments with others.

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