Two young boys with glasses hold on to the ankles of a groom at his wedding.

Enjoy a stress free wedding with these handy tips

1. don't stress about the weather

It's normal to keep an eye on the weather forecast before your big day but really, don't worry too much about it. Have a contingency if you can and then just go with it. From a photography point of view we can always make it work and get lovely photos whatever the weather. So what if your shoes or dress get a bit wet - it's all part of your day and if you don't stress it no one else will. If rain is forecast I have some tips for you here.

A surprised bride holds an umbrella while she talks to the vicar.

2. BRING YOUR SHADES for your wedding pics

Hopefully you'll be blessed with sunshine. Bring your shades and keep them handy. If it's a bright day I will try to find a shaded area for the photos - bright, hard sun can be tricky and I don't want you squinting at me. Pop on the sunnies and you'll protect your eyes, stop squinting and look super cool, right out of a magazine. Nice!

A stylish London couple walk hand in hand wearing sunglasses on their wedding day.


I love a confetti shower! Fun, colourful and well, a bit camp. Every wedding should have one. I've done a separate article on confetti showers but the main things here are:

  1. Check you can do it with the venue
  2. Walk slowly through the shower and enjoy it, and
  3. Use LOADS of confetti! Don't skimp.
A gay couple being showered with confetti at their London wedding.

4. Be careful with sparklers

Sparkler exits have become more popular, especially when the venue con't allow confetti or for winter weddings when it's dark early. The guests are all given sparklers to wave about as the couple walk slowly under their sparkly glow. Please be careful. I always worry that one of those sparks will land on the dress and... well you can imagine the scene. So, if you're doing sparklers, please be careful.

A wedding couple share their first kiss as the vicar smiles in the background.

5. Enjoy the kiss

When it's time to seal your vows with a kiss, please enjoy it. Take your time. I mean, we don't need you to make a meal of it, but try to enjoy the kiss for a couple of seconds as opposed to a quick peck. Why? Well, it gives me more time to get a good photo and your guests time to enjoy the moment and witness for themselves your fiery passion! Take a beat and enjoy it.

In fact, please just enjoy the whole day. I think if nothing else a wedding is just a great chance to celebrate with all your friends and family together. It's your day. Enjoy it!

"I am so glad my partner found Gary for our wedding photos. As someone who isn't necessarily comfy in front of a camera, I know firsthand that it can come across in the pictures. Gary's relaxed nature was infectious, and I was instantly at ease with him. His efficiency and experience came across to everyone at our wedding party, with compliments from all who attended. The pictures are something out of a fairy tale. I couldn't feel happier when flicking through them; he has captured the emotion and happiness."

—Philipa and Caimin

Wedding Photographer Gary Williams


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