What is a Micro Wedding and Why You Should Have One

In the heart of London, where the city's bustle meets the romance of weddings, a new trend is gaining momentum – micro weddings. As a seasoned London wedding photographer specialising in documentary and candid photography, I've had the privilege of capturing the magic of these intimate celebrations. In this article, let's explore what micro weddings are, what makes them special, and why entrusting your moments to a skilled photographer can enhance the experience.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is an intimate affair that prioritises meaningful connections over grand scale. Typically hosting no more than 20 guests (often around half that), these weddings allow couples to focus on quality rather than quantity, creating an atmosphere of close-knit celebration.

The Benefits of Micro Weddings

1. Intimacy and Meaningful Connections

Micro weddings offer an unparalleled level of intimacy. Couples can spend quality time with each guest, fostering meaningful connections and creating memories that resonate on a deeper level. You know what it’s like when you have a big party - you hardly get to spend any time with your guests and it all just seems to go by in a blur. It’s so much nicer to have a manageable number of guests - people you really care about, who you can spend quality time with. At least, that’s what I’d prefer! 

2. Tailored Experiences

With a smaller guest count, couples can personalise every detail, ensuring that the day reflects their unique personalities. From the venue to the menu, every element can be tailored to create a truly distinctive celebration.

Bride and groom walking down the aisle for their micro wedding in London

3. Stress-Free Planning

Micro weddings often mean simpler logistics, making the planning process more manageable and stress-free. This allows couples to focus on the essence of their commitment and the joy of sharing the moment with their closest loved ones - rather than stressing about the seating plan and 100 other details.

4. Cost-Efficiency

 The more intimate nature of micro weddings can translate to cost savings. With fewer guests to accommodate, couples may find they can allocate their budget more strategically, investing in quality rather than quantity. This is especially important these days when everyone is feeling the squeeze. Why have a blowout for 200 people you hardly know when you can make treasured memories for a fraction of the price with people you truly love?

Why Documentary and Candid Photography Matters

1. Capturing Intimate Moments

The essence of micro weddings lies in the intimate moments shared between the couple and their guests. Documentary and candid photography excel at capturing these unscripted, genuine emotions, creating a visual narrative that resonates with authenticity. That’s why I love it so much. 

2. The Stunning Backdrop of Central London

London provides a stunning backdrop for micro weddings. As a photographer with extensive experience in capturing the essence of central London, I understand the unique dynamics of the city, ensuring that your photographs not only reflect the intimacy of your celebration but also embrace the iconic beauty of London's landmarks.

3. Special Price Offer

To make the allure of micro weddings even more enticing, I am very happy to offer a special price of £350 exclusively for 2 hour micro weddings. This exclusive offer is designed to support couples in creating lasting memories of their intimate celebration in the heart of London and gives plenty of time for the moments that count. And guess what? I’ll even throw in a free pre-wedding shoot!


Micro weddings in London embody a perfect blend of intimacy, elegance, and meaningful connections. As you embark on this journey of love in the heart of the city, consider the beauty of a micro wedding captured through the lens of a skilled documentary and candid wedding photographer... i.e. me! Lol. With a focus on authenticity and a great price, let the magic of your intimate celebration unfold in a visual narrative that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Wedding Photographer Gary Williams


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