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A beautiful candid moment - Just as it Happened

This post shares my thoughts on “why I love a particular wedding photo" from my point of view as the photographer. 

As a documentary wedding photographer, I love to capture genuine and spontaneous moments as they happen throughout the day. I spend a lot of time looking out for these special “moments.”

This was a Christian wedding at a community church in London. If I had to choose a single word to describe this wedding would be love. I know that sounds obvious for a wedding, but the love here wasn’t just between the bride and groom; it was from the whole congregation. There was so much joy and happiness throughout the day, and it was such a pleasure to be there amongst it all. Photographing a full-day wedding can be very tiring, it’s full on with little chance to sit down. When there is such great energy, it spurs me on and helps me push through and keep giving my best. 

As you can see below, I have included some of the other photos from this wedding, but here’s a favourite that doesn’t include the wedding couple. Most of the focus on the day is on the couple, of course, but I think the couples love to see some of the things that were happening on the day that they missed. I love this shot of the kids playing because it captures a big part of the day - family. 

I also think it’s a good example of documentary wedding photography and why I love it. Technically it’s not the best picture in the world - it’s not what you’d call beautiful or fine art, but it is fun, real, and natural and captures the mood and feeling of the day. You couldn’t set something like that up, and for me, it’s much more meaningful than the obligatory family group shots. There’s a place for those, for sure, but for me, these kinds of candid moments are the most precious.

I often describe such photos as those I can almost "feel." They transport you back to that exact moment, allowing you to sense the room's atmosphere and the energy that filled it. To me, this is what makes a great wedding photograph – the ability to recreate the laughter, the love, and the unique ambiance of that singular moment. As my couples flip through their wedding album in the years to come, it’s these types of photographs that will undoubtedly bring back memories of their wedding day and the genuine moments that made it truly special.

If you're planning a wedding filled with moments like these, I'd love to discuss how we can capture the spirit of your day with the unique moments that will make it special to you. Let's connect and explore the possibilities of documenting your unique love story together.

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