Newlywed husband and wife sitting together in Camden Town Hall while the wife wipes away a tear

a beautiful candid moment

This is a post of mine talking about “why I love a particular wedding photo”, from my point of view as the photographer. 

As a documentary wedding photographer, I love capturing authentic and spontaneous moments happening throughout the day. I spend a great deal of time looking and anticipating special “moments.”

This shot was from a wonderful wedding at the beautiful Camden Town Hall with their famous marble staircase.

I love this photo because it captures such a beautiful, real, raw emotional moment. This was a very intimate wedding in one of Camden Town Hall’s smaller ceremony rooms, the beautiful Primrose Room. As the room is small and I am trying to be invisible, it’s a tricky balancing act of getting the shots without getting in the way. 

I also think it’s a good example of documentary wedding photography and why I love it. You just couldn’t set something like that up and, for me, it’s more meaningful than the obligatory family group shots. There’s a place for those, certainly, but for me, these kinds of candid moments are the most precious. 

I usually describe such photos as those I can almost "smell." They transport you back to the precise moment, allowing you to sense the room's atmosphere and feel the energy of it all. To me, this is what defines a great wedding photograph – the ability to spark the laughter, the love, and the unique ambiance of that singular moment. As my couples flip through their wedding album in the years to come, it’s these photographs that will undoubtedly bring back memories of their wedding day and the genuine moments that made it truly special.

If you're preparing for a wedding filled with moments like these, I'd love to discuss how we can capture the essence of your day with the unique moments that will make it special to you.. Let's connect and discuss the possibilities of documenting your unique love story.

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