Photo of Ariel Zolla by Gary Williams in Brooklyn

Ariel Zolla: A Serendipitous Session

Ariel Zolla, a dedicated teacher based in Brooklyn, reached out looking a fresh perspective for her professional image. Specializing in portrait photography, I find immense joy in unraveling the unique stories that lie beneath each face, capturing not just a picture but a narrative in a single frame.

For Ariel, the backdrop wasn't the iconic London streets but the charming lanes of Brooklyn, bathed in the warm hues of autumn. A few days before Halloween, the streets adorned themselves with a palette of orange and brown, a perfect canvas for our session. Utilizing the natural light, we stepped outside the confines of the studio, embracing the essence of her Brooklyn home.

Photo of Ariel Zolla by Gary Williams in Brooklyn

What made this session truly stand out was the serendipitous timing, capturing the spirit of the season in every frame. As we strolled through the streets, fallen leaves crinkling beneath our feet, the camera immortalized not just Ariel but also the vibrant community she cherishes. Brooklyn, according to Ariel, is more than just a location; it's a haven where people genuinely look out for each other.

Our conversation extended beyond the technicalities of the photoshoot, revealing a profound connection with the Brooklyn community. The streets echoed with stories, painting a vivid backdrop to Ariel's life. It's moments like these that fuel my passion for portrait photography – the ability to uncover the real story behind the public facade.

"Gary is an exceptional photographer who captured my headshots in Brooklyn. I’m not typically photogenic and have never been completely satisfied with photos of myself. However, Gary’s professionalism and creativity made the experience enjoyable. He has a unique talent for making you feel comfortable and bringing out your best qualities in photographs. 10/10 recommend."

—Ariel Zolla

While my lens has traversed diverse subjects, from weddings to perfume bottles, portraits remain my true calling. Each session, like a journey, allows me to delve into the intricacies of a person's character, to encapsulate what makes them tick in a single, compelling image. Ariel's session wasn't just about capturing a headshot; it was about immortalizing a genuine connection, a slice of life in the heart of Brooklyn.

Headshot Photographer Gary Williams


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