Vicar in church at a funeral

Capturing Memories and Honoring Traditions: Photography at Funerals

Photography has always played a significant role in documenting important life events, and funerals are no exception. For photographers funerals offer a unique and profound opportunity to capture the essence of grief, remembrance, and celebration. For grieving families it can be important to have a photographer capture the love and gathering of friends and family with sensitivity and compassion.

Preserving Memories

Funerals are a time of reflection, where loved ones gather to pay their respects and celebrate the life of the deceased. Photography allows for the capture of poignant moments, expressions of grief, and shared memories. These visual representations help immortalise the legacy of the departed, providing a lasting tribute for future generations. Each photograph tells a story and conveys the emotions felt during this solemn occasion.


The photographs you see here are from a Nigerian funeral I photographed recently in London. While photography at funerals can be a powerful tool for remembrance, it is essential to approach this task with sensitivity and respect for the grieving families. I was invited by the family and it's a very humbling experience to be trusted on such a significant and sensitive day. I avoided photographing abject grief. My goal was to document the day, in particular the people attending and a sense of the love and respect for the deceased.

It might sound strange but it was (as many funerals are) actually a day filled with warmth and love. There were a lot of smiles, stories shared and people coming together celebrate a life.

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