Family group shot at a wedding in Wrawsbury

A Day of Adventure and Love

I recently had the absolute pleasure of photographing Amy and Richard's wedding, and let me tell you, it was an absolute blast! The scene was set at the historic St. Andrews Church in Wraysbury, just an hour's drive from central London. This wedding was as relaxed, full of warmth and fun, perfectly matching the spirit of the adventure-loving couple. Rain? Thunder? No problem! We had our fair share of the wet stuff, but guess what? The skies cleared up just in time for some delightful riverside revelry, complete with games on the lawn. London's weather may be unpredictable, but it only added to the charm of the day.

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A Splash of Personality

Amy and Richard's personalities were woven into every detail of their big day. With a shared love for the outdoors, they embraced a little mud and welcomed their guests' wellies with open arms. A heartwarming touch? The lawns for the marquees were courtesy of grandma, showcasing the power of family and friends coming together to make this day truly special.

Wow! The photos are absolutely amazing, even better than we could have hoped for! We’ve just watched the photo-film on our honeymoon having a drink and it’s made it even more perfect." Richard and Amy
Bride and her father walk down the aisle
Groom puts a ring on the bride's finger

Three Little Angels

The highlight of the day? Amy and Richard's three adorable daughters stole the show. Decked out in angelic white dresses, they added an extra layer of magic to an already enchanting ceremony.

Young bridesmaid walks down the aisle of a church
Young bridesmaid has her hair done for a wedding

The Art of Capturing Love

As a documentary wedding photographer, my goal was to capture the authentic essence of Amy and Richard's love story. No forced poses, just pure, unscripted moments. The magic of a wedding lies in bringing family and friends together to celebrate, and that's exactly what I aimed to capture.

What Sets Me Apart

Why choose me, you ask? Well, I come from a background in portraiture and street photography, which is what gives my shots that unique edge. For me, photography is all about capturing the real, unfiltered emotions. Being a documentary wedding photographer isn't just about snapping away; it's about anticipating the moments and being ready to capture them with the perfect lighting and composition. It's about telling the story of the day, so you feel like you're right there in the moment when you look back at the photos.

Making Memories Matter

Couples, future and present, here's the deal: my style suits anyone who values authenticity. Sure, I'll snap those posed portraits for you, because I know they're important. But my true passion lies in documenting the day as it unfolds, capturing every little emotion, high and low. Being a wedding photographer is an honour, a privilege, and a responsibility I take to heart. I adore my couples, and I'm there to ensure they have the best day of their lives.

The Ultimate Time Machine

Picture this: you're flipping through your wedding album, and suddenly you're transported back to that magical day. The laughter, the tears, the love—it's all there, frozen in time. That's my goal: to create images that whisk you back to those cherished moments whenever you want.

So, there you have it. If you're all about celebrating the real moments, the unfiltered emotions, and the joy of being with the ones you love, then I might just be the photographer for you. Let's chat, let's connect, and let's create memories that'll last a lifetime.

London based photographer Gary Williams

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