The iconic old marylebone town hall

Cecile and Roger's wedding was a celebration of love and family, set against the iconic backdrop of The Old Marylebone Town Hall in London and followed by a joyous reception at The Landmark Hotel. The historic significance of the venue added an extra layer of charm to the day, with the Old Marylebone Town Hall having hosted the unions of renowned figures such as Cilla Black, Sir Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr.

Capturing the essence of the day, the overall ambiance exuded warmth and genuine joy. The theme revolved around love and family, creating a palpable sense of happiness from the beginning to the end.

One standout feature was the beautiful floral arrangements at The Landmark Hotel, courtesy of Lynne Floral Art, a family friend. The attention to detail and personal touches added a unique flair to the celebration.

Cecile's Filipino heritage brought an extra element of fun to the day, as guests couldn't resist smiling whenever the camera appeared. This genuine and infectious joy showcased the couple's personalities and made for delightful candid shots.

The ceremony and reception were marked by memorable and emotional moments, all captured in the candid, documentary style that I love to work with. From Cecile's preparation at The Landmark Hotel to the emotion-filled ceremony at the Old Marylebone Town Hall and the lively party that followed, each aspect of the day was meticulously documented.

Being a documentary wedding photographer is a genuine honour and a privilege. The responsibility of capturing such a special day something I take very seriously, with a commitment to giving the very best to the couples. My goal is to let the day unfold naturally, capturing authentic moments that transport couples back to the joy of their wedding day.

If you're thinking about getting married and you're looking for a photographer you can expect an unobtrusive approach from me, with a focus on intimate documentary-style shots. The balance between journalistic storytelling and formal portraits ensures a comprehensive collection of memories for couples and their families.

Special thanks go to the suppliers who contributed to the day, including Coco Salon for makeup, David's Bridal for the dress, and Lynne Floral Art for the stunning flowers.

"It was amazing to see the photos. Myself and Roger were very emotional. We both cried watching the slideshow again and again. We really like how you capture the memories of our day."

—Cecile and Roger

Wedding Photographer Gary Williams


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